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The Syrian Twin Teenagers That Educate Their Ghetto | Lush Film Fund

The global refugee crisis has reached unprecedented proportions in its scale and severity, the likes of which haven’t been seen since World War II. Amongst those most affected are the one million school-age children seeking refuge in Turkey, with over a quarter of these concentrated in Istanbul alone. Eight years of raging conflict in Syria has left an entire generation of children vulnerable to violence, abuse, displacement and exploitation. This harsh reality has relegated education to an after-thought with less than half of these child refugees being enrolled in schools, often having to contribute to the income of their household. However, where the adult world has failed and betrayed these children, dampening their hopes for a bright future, their saviours seemingly have come from their own ranks. Indeed two refugee children, 14-year old twins from Aleppo: Reyhan and Beyhan, chose to take things into their own hands. This inspiring duo, recognising the importance of education, founded their own backyard school for the refugee children in their neighbourhood. This is the inspiring story of two young Syrian twins who made their dreams of becoming teachers and making education accessible to all a reality in the most challenging of circumstances. In doing so they offer redemption to those who need it most, the child refugees born out of the Syrian conflict.