BackEpisode 2 - Space is the Place | Samples of Society

Episode 2 - Space is the Place | Samples of Society

Everyone has a story to tell. It just might be that some people’s stories are more complicated than others. There is no linear way for us to tell you the story of the Samples of Society. It takes us from Dallas to Rio, back to Dallas, and even to our humble little town of Poole - and that’s just the geography of the film, let alone the plot. If we all take something from it, perhaps we’ll be able to make society a warmer place, together. Hal Samples, a photographer from Dallas, Texas, started Samples of Society many, many moons ago. “I had achieved all the success I could dream of in corporate, but it hadn’t filled a God-sized hole. So I burned all of that down. I found myself going through a period of metamorphosis which led me to have an appreciation for the simpler things. My roommate let me borrow a camera and I found it was a tool that allowed me to see things differently. I took the camera to the streets and it allowed me to connect with people I would normally never connect with. One of those people told me that they just wanted the power to be visible - and from then, I used cameras to give a voice to individuals that normally wouldn’t have one. That’s how the inception of Samples of Society came about.”